About iCare

iCare aims to help your organisation understand the importance of changing behaviours so that equality diversity and inclusion are a natural consideration in any action or decision, resulting in better outcomes for all.

A diverse workforce shouldn't be an added extra of a prosperous organisation and diversity shouldn’t be seen as a bonus or an advantageous attribute – it should be a given.

People should expect their workplace to be diverse and offer equal opportunities for everyone. Our suite of learning workshops, scenarios and tools will break down barriers, identify biases and create a shift in understanding and behaviour.
Features and benefits

Encourage knowledge
and awareness

iCare helps to raise  knowledge and awareness, to ensure a working environment where everyone has access to the same opportunities and the same fair treatment.

practical skills

Our suite of tools will help develop practical skills across your organisation, to put knowledge and understanding into practice.

Ongoing development and self-reflection

iCare encourages a progressive culture shift and this includes long-term measurable tools to develop positive individual and organisational changes.

Content tailored to fit your organisation

Your needs, culture and policies are unique and this is reflected in our materials and training. Each element is tailored to ensure the best iCare experience for your organisation.

Embracing legal

The Equality Act 2010  puts an onus on businesses to prohibit prejudicial behaviour and make adjustments so that everyone has access to the same opportunities. iCare assists in helping you fulfil this duty, thus protecting your business and employees.

Increased morale
and performance

There is increasing evidence from research demonstrating how the promotion of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion can help the organisation to develop and motivate staff to make the most of their potential and retain staff for longer.

Positive image
and profile

iCare helps create a positive company image and profile, showing a focus on taking responsibility in creating positive cultural change surrounding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Fully accredited

iCare offers nationally accredited training workshops to support your ED&I strategy, delivered by our experienced and professional trainers through engaging and interactive sessions.
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